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We are specialized in acupuncture orthopedics and pain management for

worker’s compensation, and personal injury.


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We accept Insurance

We would be happy to verify the details of your coverage prior to scheduling your first appointment. Simply fill out our online insurance verification form, and we will let you know, usually within 48 business hours.

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Make your appointment today! We accept all PPO insurance plans that offer acupuncture coverage. We also see patients through Veterans Affairs/TriWest, workers’ compensation cases, and lien basis for personal injury Cases

Auto Accident Cases

Soft-tissue injuries do not show up on X-rays and usually respond well to acupuncture.We are over 10 years of experience in Personal Injury (Lien Bases and Auto Med Pay).


Worker’s Compensation

We treat patients who have been injured on the job over 10 years of experience in Workers’ Compensation.

Veterans Acupuncture
Taking Care of Our Nation’s Heroes.

Medical Coverage is available for Acupuncture through the VA Choice Program.
We also offer free community-style acupuncture to veterans every Thursday from 4-6pm (Up to 4 sessions). Appointment necessary. 

Medical Pilates

Medical Pilates is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck and back.




5 Star Reviews of Healing Hand Acupuncture Clinic.

I had a stroke 6 months. I have gone thru months of rehab, even a shot of botox to help with pain. My rehab has been going good but needed something more. The muscles on my right side have just not responded like we all have wanted. I have been to 4 session and it is definitely helping, everything is loosening up. I am a new believer in this. And Dr lee and Dr wee are the best.
— Bruce G.

Dr. Lee is wonderful, warm and caring. His office is relaxing and definitely sets you at ease. I’ve been to other clinics that were so busy, Dr. Lee is the opposite, I sometimes think I’m his only patient as he’s so attentive and accommodating. I definitely recommend Dr. Lee.
— Charles C.
This is my first experience with acupuncture and I am beyond pleased with my results so far! I have only been going for a few weeks but already my symptoms are better! I thought it would hurt but it doesn’t! Dr. Lee is kind and gentle and a very good listener. He offers various services in the clinic as well as herb therapy. I wish I would have gone a long time ago!
— Anne B.

I been to different acupuncture clinics but this place was the best I ever been! If you have any pains, I highly recommend this place to go and get the treatments. He knows what he was doing and the service was good.
— JaeHa L

Dr. Lee at Healing Hand Acupuncture is absolutely incredible! I was very skeptical of eastern medicine at first to deal with a chronic issue I’ve been experiencing. But when western medicine’s only solution was a lifetime of medication I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give acupuncture a try. Dr. Lee is experienced, professional, and caring. He truly has the patients best interest at heart and is patient in explaining your treatment every step of the way. I am only half-way through treatments but already feel completely different and healthier. Dr. Lee has definitely created a believer out of me.
— Mana R.
I had never tried acupuncture in my life and was a bit hesitant when a friend at the gym recommended it for lower back mild and bothersome pain. It was one of those muscle strains that you feel, but are not debilitating, and yet, they bother you so much and could definitely get worse if you don’t do anything about it. I wanted to try it and went to Healing Hand. Doctor Lee asked very targeted questions that actually impressed me a bit; like a new perspective on why I was experiencing the pain and a very informed way to view the human body. He did his thing with the needles, which actually you don’t feel at all going in, and I was completely astounded when I came out. I literally had no pain anymore. I know it sounds suspect going in with pain and coming out with no pain after a 1 hour session, but that was exactly my first experience with acupuncture. I was so impressed that I did one or two more visits, just to make sure I was set for good, and it was great. I have recommended acupuncture to all my friends and family and specifically I recommend Dr. Lee and Healing Hand to those who live close or can make the drive. It’s in mid-LA, free 1-hour parking, etc. If you have never done it and are hesitant...just give it a try, get out of your comfort zone and get well. It’s just an alternative...it may not work for everyone, but it does for many...you might be one of those.
— milton r.

I been to different acupuncture clinics but this place was the best I ever been! If you have any pains, I highly recommend this place to go and get the treatments. He knows what he was doing and the service was good.
— Amy L.
Very professional! I have tried both the acupuncture and the pilates therapy. And was pleased both. I highly recommend this place! And I also bought the Chinese medicine for my mom’s Christmas gift. She loves it!
— Kiku L.

I came in due to a sprain neck and shoulder and he immediately treated me with acupuncture. He explained the causes and recommended routines to relieve the pain. My condition was severe so the pain wasn’t fully removed but felt a huge difference after treatment. I highly recommend this clinic if you want a more private session as not a lot of people know about this place.
— David P.
They came highly recommended by another Aucpuncture Doctor who could not treat my problem. I started with Healing Hand 3 weeks ago with severe back, hip and shoulder pains. I had been diagnosed with chronic pain. After going twice a week for 3 weeks my back and hip have no pain. My shoulder pain is only slight. Actually it is amazing what they did for my pain.
— Valerie H.


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